The V1V3 virus has infected over 95% of the world’s population, turning the infected into meat-hungry walkers. However, not everyone has reacted in the same way… here is a list of the most common types of reactions known to date.


The virus has given them no escape: they are vulnerable and not very resistant, but they are plenty, and in groups, they can be damn dangerous. Note: some of them still wear hard hats or helmets.


The mutation has overloaded the nervous system of some walkers and made them hyperactive: they don’t have much stamina, but they are very fast. Note: you better take them down when they haven’t seen you, or else, it may already be too late.


They used to help fending the infection away, but they paid the ultimate price. They are enveloped in a very toxic smoke when it comes into contact with the skin and have a good resistance. Note: cylinders are their weak point!


These beasts are quite resistant, and if you let them too close they may even throw up on you, obscuring your field of vision. Note: facing them in a melee fight might not be a good idea…


They’re big, they’re bad, and they’re damn tough. If for some reason you decide to take one on, well, better stock up on ammo! Note: their limbs are much stronger, so always aim for the head!


Some walkers have undergone severe genetic mutations and developed strange resistances… the causes of these mutations are not yet known. Note: before tackling them it would be a good idea to figure out their weak points. Possibly without dying.