‘Nothing’s ever real until it’s real’    (George A. Romero)

Infection day 407

It’s over a year since V1V3 case zero has been reported. Starting from 14th November 2018, a mutated Saedornavirus spread his deadly effects among world killing billions of people.

Who survived is lonely, struggling in a devastated world, fighting for his life against infecteds…

Will humanity survive to V1V3?

Someone is supposing a cure can be found


A unique realistic zombie survival game expressly designed for virtual reality

Fire, run, hide yourself, picklock, pretend to be a zombie, be smart, plan your moves and coordinate with your teammates!

SURV1V3 is this and much more…

Starting from infamous Santa Carla city, escaping through its narrow rotten sewers… an endless run through creepy scenarios, scary situations and challenging tasks, until you’ll meet the mysterious man who will save the world.



‘Fight together, die alone!’    (Jeremy Stanford, SURV1V3)

Infection diary

Seadornavirus is a genus of viruses, in the family Reoviridae, in the subfamily Sedoreovirinae.” (Virus Taxonomy, 2018 release)

Sedoreovirinae family viruses has been isolated from Aedes, Anopheles and Culex Mosquito populations, recently a new unidentified virus strain classified as V1V3 (Virus category 1, Viral grade 3) has been shown to cause infection in humans.” (Journal of Virology, November 2018)

There were 7 confirmed cases of V1V3 virus disease reported in the first week of February, 2 in Europe, 3 in North America and 2 in Africa. The total number of confirmed cases has been revised up to 23” (CNN, February 15th 2019)

Those who are infected by V1V3 display symptoms such as lethargic movement, loss of pleasure, language dysfunction, amnesia and the inability to suppress hunger and aggression.” (The Daily Telegraph, April 2nd 2019)

Officials in Washington reported the first confirmed image of a V1V3 victim who rose from the dead.” (The Washington Post, June 4th 2019)

This was CNN last planned transmission … Keep safe, stay alive and pray! God bless you.” (CNN, July 12th 2019)

The world’s fucked up! All hope was lost ‘till you heard that radio message talking about a possible cure against that damned V1V3 virus…

“This is an all-frequency message. My name is Jeremy Stanford. I am a biochemical military researcher and I am working on a vaccine against the mutated Seadornavirus, commonly known as V1V3. If you are hearing this message, please answer the radio. I need help. Together we can end this plague… this nightmare.’

Somewhere… along the way, you meet two friends who have joined the cause and will help you to find source of that radio message.

What’s coming to you?
Anything good! You will fight together with your friends, getting ahead inch by inch. You will face a lot of trials: the radio voice will ask you to accomplish a number of missions and to retrieve essential stuff to finalize a V1V3 cure.



‘Your dead shall live, their bodies shall rise.’    (Isaiah, Holy Bible 26:19-20)

Do you have any idea what feels like being surrounded by zombies, not even knowing if you have enough rounds in your mag to kill them all?

Have you ever thought how far one of them can see or hear you?

How does it feel to fight side-by-side with someone, knowing that your life depends on him because you know you can’t do it alone?

Have you ever tried to reload a gun by the light of the moon?

Will you be able to find your way knowing that the right one means salvation, while the wrong one means certain doom?

Probably you’ve seen a million zombie movies and you played as many horror and first-person shooters videogames… most likely you think you have a good answer for all these questions…

In SURV1V3 you will have a chance to face your answers, but you’re warned… REALITY IS DAMN SCARY!

Main features
  • Overwhelming gameplay mixing features never seen before in a unique VR game.
  • Full locomotionincredible gunplayfree roaming mapszombie full dismemberment, more than 20 zombie models with different behaviors, thrilling twists, hand gestures and a lot more… That’s not all!
  • Unexpected cooperative (up to 3 players) and pervasive dynamics will take place when living the experience together with your friends, making the challenge even more exciting.
  • An endless experience, in addition to story mode, final SURV1V3 release will include an Horde mode as well as a fresh new PvP mode where players will face each other in rival gangs, surrounded by tons of dangerous zombies.
  • Realism like you’ve never seen before! Fully simulated player’s body, realistic weapons recoil & bloom effects, true life weapons reload, real bullet physics, realistic zombie perception system, no player hud, friendly fire…
Minimum requirements
  • OS: Windows 7 – 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 980 / AMD equivalent or greater
  • VR Headsets: HTC VIVE or OCULUS RIFT required



‘My mama always told me someday I’d be good at something. Who’d guessed that something’d be zombie-killing?’    (Tallahassee, Zombieland)


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‘There’s us and the dead. We survive this by pulling together, not apart.’    (Rick, The Walking Dead)
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