Your adventure begins after a car crash: the road is blocked, and you have to continue on foot… You can hear a message coming from the speakers from a distance, perhaps… could it be someone looking for help? Are you ready to save the world from the nightmare it plunged into?

DO THE RIGHT THING: A strange character guiding you through the radio seems to be your only hope for saving humanity. You just have to follow his advice and complete the tasks he’ll give you from time to time. 18 missions to face head-on, and tons of hours of gameplay to enjoy by yourself or with up to 3 friends!

EXPLORE: the town of Santa Carla, its complex sewer system, the industrial city of Portmain… the missions will take you through vast and freely explorable scenarios! Certainly getting around a zombie-infested world won’t be easy, and you’ll soon find that your trusty tablet and its highly detailed map can make the difference between life and certain death! In each mission you will also have secondary objectives, which will allow you to unlock accessories for your weapons or upgrades for your equipment.


A whole city, thousands of zombies, only one shelter and other survivors like you in search of food and weapons. Humanity has sunk into its darkest moment, and the struggle for survival is getting harder day after day… never let your guard down! 

LEVELING: Kill as many walkers as possible in order to gain experience points and increase your reputation. Each level you reach will unlock new rewards! 

CRAFTING: you can craft new useful items for your survival by using the crafting machines that you will find around the city. By unlocking new blueprints, you will be able to create ever more powerful weapons and ammo!

LOOTING & FEEDING: you will need water and food, new weapons and lots of ammo. It will also be important for you to collect materials and other items for making new ones! Always secure your loot in your home, and remember to close the front door properly! Another survivor could steal everything from you!

RANDOM EVENTS: not just survival… there’s always something to do in the city! Pay attention to the map on your tablet and test your skills, by always facing new random events which can even give you rare weapons and items!


Trials challenges are alternate missions requiring a particular skill and strategy to be completed successfully. Each test can be tackled individually or in cooperative mode. Whether alone or in company, your stamina skills will be tested! 

LAST GARDEN: confined to the park of Santa Carla, hordes of walkers continue to advance with only one goal: eating fresh meat! Fight them with everything you’ve got and fend off 30 hordes, each one more deadly than the other… it won’t be easy, but you can do it! Or not?

HELL STREET: a sample of the V1V3 virus was lost along a walkers-infested street in Santa Carla, you have to recover it and wait for the helicopter to come and pick you up. you will find stations with weapons and ammo along the way, so play it well and maybe you can tell your grandchildren…

BIG BIRD: some antennas placed around the city are offline, fly aboard the helicopter from one antenna to another and activate them in sequence, while hanging on long enough to repel the hordes of zombies attracted by the noise. What could possibly go wrong?